Monday, November 25, 2013

I've been working on a commission for someone who wanted to give his new bride a short 8-page book about their relationship as a wedding gift. I've devoted about two hours to each piece, so their all relatively quick digital illustrations. Here's what I've come up with so far:

From doing these pieces I've learned that I still have A LOT to learn when it comes to color, and I struggle a lot with drawing people in different poses, especially on a limited time-table. I really wish I lived in the city still so I could make it to the quick studies workshops. More to come soon!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My first CTN

Well! I survived my first CTN, and what an awesome experience it was. It was both awe-inspiring and overwhelming to be surrounded by so many amazing artists that I have studied and looked-up to for several years now. I wracked up the nerve to ask Steven Silver for a portfolio review (all while trying not to act too starstruck and awkward), and he was super nice and gave me a very straight-forward and helpful critique. I stood mere feet away from both Brittney Lee and Sean Galloway, and despite numerous attempts to edge my way in to chat/get a portfolio review, they were both (understandably) swamped with people doing the exact same thing as me. Did manage to snag me this Brittney Lee print though :) It was a tough call choosing between this or a mermaid print (if you know me you'd know I harbor a lifetime love of all things mermaid, thanks Disney). It's a testament to how much I miss San Francisco that I chose this one.
One of the first things we did upon arrival was go to Alina Chau's watercolor demo. She chose a model from the crowd, and thanks to my lacy, texture-y shirt, she chose me! She just happened to also choose my friend Joie Brown for her gesture sketch drawing. Aren't we special! Here's some of her beautiful work. 

I was also lucky enough to get a fast pass to the Drew Struzen panel. If you think you have no clue who Drew Struzen is, check yo'self. He's the guy who painted pretty much every illustrated movie poster/cover ever made. Think Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Basically, he's a living legend, and I got to sit through an illuminating Q&A with him. Sadly, his panel overlapped with Claire Keane's panel and Lorelay Bove's demo… Next year! 
Got in trouble for taking this pic…. worth it! 

I got to meet so many awesome people just walking around all the booths, and it was also like a mini AAU reunion with all the former classmates and teachers that I ran into. Miss those guys. Here's sampling of the many business cards I managed to snag. 
Until next year CTN!