Monday, October 31, 2011

Finished digital fairytale scene

Blogging in class while waiting for my critique for this thing... And also, debating.... should I ask for a tablet for Christmas?? Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Digital Thumbnails

At last, done with my fantasy thumbnails. They took forever, but I actually had more fun with them than I anticipated. Just wish I had more time to spend on them, but with my midpoint resubmission due tomorrow, it's just not happening unfortunately. I actually like how they turned out however, and it's given me a lot of ideas for potential illustrations, whether it's in this class or just for fun. Almost had a heart attack when my computer fell off the couch and bent my thumbdrive into submission.... until I realized that thank GOD, I had just happened to have opened the thumbnails on my computer before that, so I was able to save them to my computer. Aside from the thumbnails, I'm pretty sure everything else on my now deceased thumbdrive is backed up (I hope I hope), but if I hadn't have had that file open, the 8 hours spent in the cintiq lab on Friday would have been gone gone gone. The God of Technology was watching over me, FOR ONCE. Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Can I sleep yet?

This week has been one of the two most stressful weeks of my life (the other one being the week before last, midpoint week). My fridge is bare, my closet is empty and my hamper VERY full, and my toes are wet and cold thanks to the holey boots that I havent' had time to replace, and the rain (which finally let up today, yay! Not that I was outside at all to enjoy it -__-). Like this blog, my week has been one very very long run on sentence. And its not over til Wednesday. This is what I did today, in my 8 hours in the Cintiq Lab...
She ended up looking quite mannish, I may need to tweak a few things before turning her in so she won't be confused with a RuPaul contestant... I feel like she looked a lot better on the Wacom than she did once I got home... perhaps I had gone partially blind from staring at the screen for 8 hours.  And now to complete my Friday night, I am snuggling up with a milky way and scor bar, Dexter, the Salvatore brother's, and the Stark men. And I'll start the laundry....eventually.