Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So... I've been horribly neglecting this blog in recent...months, and now is a good excuse to get back into it. Yesterday was my first day of Oatley Academy Live!, a school created by Disney artist Chris Oatley to help struggling artist's in all facets of their creative journey. Just in the past 12 hours I've learned a lot and gotten some great insights, and most of all, it's so great to feel like I'M NOT ALONE!!! 

It's been a struggle for a while now to maintain working 2, sometimes 3 minimum wage jobs 45+ hours a week and also have time and energy left over to spend on my art. My art career got pushed the wayside, and I've been battling with feeling like a failure and "is it even worth it to keep trying?" "I'm never going to make it," "My stuff will never be good enough and I just don't have the time to improve it," "I'm never going to make any kind of decent money." Joining into the OA has shown me that not only are there tons of other people out there feeling the same way as me and struggling with the same demons, but also that there are plenty of VERY successful people out there who went through this same ordeal and came through to the other side. And these are the people who are teaching these classes and providing us with the tools to climb that mountain of artistic self-loathing, bad self-esteem, and all around despair, and come out on top.

 The goal of OA Live! is for us to come up with and most importantly COMPLETE a personal project. Part of my struggle is being indecisive and jumping around from thing to thing and project to project before I ever finish anything, so this will definitely be a good challenge for me. 

Above is my first homework assignment. I couldn't post it in the forum without having it hosted on a website, hence my return to the blogosphere! (Spell check recognizes blogosphere as a real word, whaaaaat?!) It was pretty helpful and insightful for me to lay out, and also made me realize my abilities need some serious work. We'll see where this journey takes me!