Friday, November 4, 2011

Midpoint...passed :)

Finally! Which means now I can move on with my life stress-free! (Sarcasm, in case the text didn't translate). I feel like I should be celebrating or something but I don't have the time or the energy. Grad school has officially turned me into a 50 year old spinster woman. My Friday's now consist of the cintiq lab all day, laundry, (unsuccessful) apartment hunting, homework, pj's, and finally a big glass of the finest Franzia. I will be spending the remainder of my weekend at Chestnut campus painting my booty off. Incidentally, I'll be posting some of my fine art soon, I'm a bit behind on all that, mainly because it's such a pain in the ass to scan. The watercolor character designs here are what got me approved for my midpoint resubmission, they are the beginnings of character designs I will potentially use for my final project, but still definitely need a lot of tweaking and revising before they are finalized. Not completely sold on the watercolor for The Princess Bride either, definitely gonna play around with that one a lot more...suggestions welcome! The thumbnails are for my most recent digital painting assignment... to create 12 creature design thumbnails either of the reptilian, aquatic, or insectoid variety. I feel like I could have had a lot more fun and gotten more creative with them if I had more time/less of them to do before Monday, but oh well.

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