Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Game Sim!

I've been applying to jobs like crazy, and came across an opportunity for a mobile game start up. I applied and got a very quick response saying they liked my resume and wanted me to do a game sim for them! The hypothetical game idea is for a simple 2d mobile game intended for women ages 25 - 45 where she is running from something, picking up currency, and jumping over platforms. Below is what I came up with. Had a lot of fun coming up with some of these slightly cheeky ideas!

 EHarmony Ellen has to escape her horrible first date by jumping over restaurant tables. Along the way she picks up different food items that she can throw at him.
Princess saves a Prince in distress from a dragon, while picking up arrows along the way to aid her in her quest.

 Crazy cat lady Cathy must grab all the kitties in the store while leaping over cat trees and avoiding the pet store owner!
 Work out Wendy must leap across exercise balls while picking up healthy food for points and avoiding unhealthy food that would result in negative points.
 Mall Rat Mandi must escape the security guard while grabbing as many shoplifted items as she can.
 Business Betty must jump over cubicles while running away from her boss and picking up paychecks  to get to her TGIF margarita at the end of the game.
 Wino Wilda must leap over grapevines and pick up as many grapes as she can to make her perfect glass of wine, while running away from a giant calendar that says MONDAY!
Bridezilla Barbara must leap across tiered wedding cakes and pick up as many items as she can that will make her perfect wedding, all while running from her overzealous in-laws. 

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